How I Stay Motivated While Training Alone

//How I Stay Motivated While Training Alone

How I Stay Motivated While Training Alone


When most people think of athletes, they imagine a team working toward making their dream of winning a major league championship come true. You think of basketball. You think of soccer and hockey, or any other sport that requires teamwork.


But then there’s me—a skeleton racer. I’m an athlete who doesn’t work in a team; an athlete that relies on sheer willpower, perseverance, and strength to win every race.

A lot of my fans ask me how I stay motivated. They wonder how I can work alone with such dedication and passion.

Here’s what I do to stay motivated during tough days:


I Make a Weekly Report of My Performance


One of the most effective ways I stay motivated is by making a checklist of all I’ve achieved throughout the week. If I run for a certain number of miles, I write it down in my journal. I’ll make a note of how many push-ups, lifts, and crunches I’ve done.

I’ll make a mental note of what I’ve eaten, what time I got up, and how I’m feeling throughout the day. Keeping a check on myself motivates me to do better. Exceeding my expectations motivates me to keep up the pace.


I Take a Break When I Need To

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When I feel tired, I take a 15/20-minute break. A lot of people are under the misconception that athletes don’t take breaks or don’t need to.

Nut we’re human beings, and perform best when we’re well-rested and energized.

For some athletes, reading their favorite book or listening to music works. For me, 15-minute power naps or spending time with family does the trick.

When your mind and body are well-rested, you can take on any challenge.


I Reward Myself For My Hard Work


We are our own worst critics. I set goals for myself. Let’s say I have to run a certain number of miles a week. If I achieve that or exceed expectations, I reward myself. I’ll take a day off to spend time with family, or treat myself to my favorite food.


Rewards keep me focused on the end goal. I only focus on tackling challenges and getting past objects. I have to achieve my goals no matter. This motivates me to constantly improve myself and exceed my own expectations.


It’s been a long journey but I won’t give up or give in. I plan to win a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics 2022. If you want to learn more about me or who I am as an athlete, you can follow my journey here.


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