Mistakes Professional Athletes Don’t Make While Training

//Mistakes Professional Athletes Don’t Make While Training

Mistakes Professional Athletes Don’t Make While Training

As an athlete, you can’t afford to make mistakes—especially when you’re in the middle of a competition. But plenty of aspiring athletes let their fears and expectations get the best of them.

This not only becomes costly when they’re expected to perform, it also becomes difficult to focus all their strength and energy into training.

Professional athletes know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that without any pain, they won’t gain anything.

Here are a few mistakes professionals avoid making that every aspiring athlete should follow:

Skipping Training

This one is the most important. It goes without saying that you won’t get any better if you’re going to skip training. Professional athletes train every day and only take a break once a week. Some athletes train every day without skipping a day.

One of the biggest mistakes rookies make is training only twice a week. In order to build stamina and challenge yourself, you need to create a strict routine. If routines are not your thing then challenge yourself with different exercises and activities.

For example: from Monday to Wednesday, you can do cardio and from Thursdays to Sundays, you can do CrossFit.

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Solely Focusing on Training

Don’t overexert yourself and don’t overdo it. This is another mistake rookies make. While it’s imperative that you focus on training, it’s also important to give yourself the break you deserve and need.

Spend time with family after your training sessions or sleep off the fatigue. Do whatever you need to do to give your mind a break. Give yourself the time you need for both your mind and body to recover.

Underestimating Your Opponents

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been training for longer than they have. It doesn’t matter if you’ve won several medals while they’ve won none. One thing we can learn from the Rocky series is that you should never ever underestimate your competition.

But most importantly, if you have to compete with someone, compete with yourself. Train every day to become a better version of yourself.

Step out of your comfort zone and find what you excel at. That’s what Akwasi Frimpong did every day.

It’s been a tough journey for the Dutch-Ghanaian athlete but he’s made both countries proud of all that he’s achieved so far. He continues to strive for excellence and is currently training for the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

If all things go as planned, Akwasi Frimpong will be bringing home the Gold medal in Beijing Olympics 2022 as the first Ghanaian slider in skeleton.

Check out his awesome journey here.

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