What it Took to Become the GoldenSprint!

//What it Took to Become the GoldenSprint!

What it Took to Become the GoldenSprint!


The GoldenSprint is a name that was given to me by fans when I first took up track & field as a sprinter. And although I no longer participate in track & field competitions, I am honored to have been given so much love and respect by them.

But there’s one question that I’m asked on a frequent basis and that is, “What did it take to become the GoldenSprint?”

Honestly, that’s a tough question. I firmly believe that in order to succeed as an athlete, an individual should possess certain qualities and characteristics. And these are:

Passion and Determination

I firmly believe that one has to be dedicated to their sports. Ever since I took up skeleton racing, that’s all I’ve lived for. I’m determined to improve my skills and I have a passion for learning.

I’ve always had a passion for learning something new. And when I learned that I was good at sprinting, I took it up as a sport. I was also determined to prove everyone wrong. As an illegal immigrant in the Netherlands, I faced a lot of challenges. But I was determined to prove that I had what it takes to succeed and make it to the top.

It’s that passion and determination that’s led me to where I am today.


When I talk about “panache” I’m not just referring to clothes and sense of style. I’m also referring to how we carry ourselves. As an athlete, I firmly believe that you should look presentable at all times.

I also believe that you should leave your mark wherever you go. That’s exactly why I worked hard to create my signature roaring the rabbit-lion helmet. It’s also made it to the list of “Best Skeleton Racing Helmets from the Winter Olympics 2018”!

Good Sportsmanship

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Good sportsmanship is something that I’ve always preached. I firmly believe that in order to succeed as an athlete, you need to have excellent sports ethics.

The respect I have for my fellow athletes is something that’ll never go away. For me, every opportunity I get is a chance to learn from the best. And who else can I learn from but my peers? Watching other sportspeople motivates me. It always has.

That’s exactly how I started my journey. And I will continue to learn from them.


I am Akwasi Frimpong and I’m the first Ghanaian skeleton racer to make it to the Winter Olympics! I aim to participate in the upcoming Beijing 2022 Olympics as well.

To learn more about me, follow my journey here.

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