The Secret to Success: How I Set My Goals

//The Secret to Success: How I Set My Goals

The Secret to Success: How I Set My Goals


I firmly believe that a dream without goals is just a fantasy. Having goals is important if you want to succeed in life. They discipline you and give you something to look forward to. They challenge and motivate you to improve yourself.


My current goal is to participate in the Beijing Olympics 2022 and win a medal for Ghana and Africa. If your goals don’t scare you, then I recommend you find a new one. A lot of people ask me how I train and what I do to keep myself focused on this goal.


Here’s the secret: while I do have a strict training routine, I also like setting small goals to achieve my dreams. And how do I set these goals?


I Look At Things Realistically


I don’t like biting on more than I can chew. I make sure my goals are realistic and easy to achieve. Of course, I do challenge myself, but I make sure to prioritize my mental health above all else.


If something isn’t doable and is taking a toll on me physically and mentally, then it’s not worth the hassle. All my goals are well-within my limits.


I Celebrate My Achievements


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No matter how small the victory is, I believe you should pat yourself on the shoulder and tell yourself, “Good job!”


We’re so busy criticizing ourselves and obsessing over the tiniest mistakes that we forget to count our successes. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m human and that part of the learning process is to make mistakes.


But when I do well, I celebrate by rewarding myself. You don’t have to throw a party. Just treating yourself to a good meal or buying that book you’ve been eager to read is a good way to reward yourself.


I Set Specific and Relevant Goals


You need to make sure your goals are clear and specific. They should be relevant to the direction you want to head toward. They should help you grow professionally and personally.


When I challenge myself, I make sure my challenges help me grow as an athlete. But more than that, I make sure they help me grown as an individual.


My journey hasn’t been easy. It’s been difficult. But I won’t give up or give in. I plan to win a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics 2022. If you want to learn more about me or who I am as an athlete, you can follow my journey here.

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