The Importance of Good Sportsmanship For Athletes

//The Importance of Good Sportsmanship For Athletes

The Importance of Good Sportsmanship For Athletes

Every athlete has his or her own set of rules and beliefs, especially when it comes to their sport. Whether you’re a skeleton racer like me, or a figure skater, I personally believe that good sportsmanship is the key to becoming a crowned jewel of society.

Unfortunately, I often hear the tales of some athletes going out of their way to break records. They’re willing to do anything to make sure they win the competition. But whether you win or lose, I believe it’s important to show good sportsmanship!

But why is good sportsmanship so important for athletes? Let me explain:

It Shows You’re a Winner

Winning isn’t defined by the number of gold medals you’ve won. It’s not about how many competitions you’ve entered or the impressive record you have. It’s about accepting your failures and defeat. There was a time when I thought winning was everything. But I’ve learned that to become a true winner, you need to accept all your flaws.

When an athlete loses, it’s just part of the journey. He or she knows there will be better opportunities to show their true potential to the world. But most importantly, they know that losing is a lesson that’s essential because it’ll help them improve.

My journey to the Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang taught me just that! It was a tough journey but I learned so much about myself I never thought was possible! The journey is more important than the competition itself.

It Develops Self-RespectPicture10 - The Importance of Good Sportsmanship For Athletes

When an athlete loses, it’s natural to feel about not taking home the trophy. But it also helps boost their confidence because they know that their loss does not define their worth as an athlete. They learn to respect their peers but also themselves for giving it their best shot.

Everything is part of the learning process. When you have self-respect, you know that nothing that comes your way can knock you down.

I’ve always believed that self-respect is important and I’ve learned to respect and accept all my flaws. I’ve formed friendships with my fellow skeleton athletes that I believe can never be replaced!

It Helps You Keep Your Eye on the Goal

True athletes know that it’s keeping eye on their final goal that’s important. They know that even if they don’t win every competition, they still have the opportunity to constantly improve themselves. They learn from their mistakes and come back stronger every time.

They know that by keeping track of their progress, they can overcome their fears and eliminate the chances of making mistakes.

I am Akwasi Frimpong and aiming for the Beijing Olympics 2022 is my goal right now. I’m proud to have made it to the Winter Olympics held last year in Pyeongchang. As the first Ghanaian skeleton racer to make it to the Olympics, I’ve overcome a lot of hurdles in my path to success.

I aim to come back stronger and even better, winning gold for both Ghana and the Netherlands in the 2022 Games!

To learn more about me and how I keep going, follow my journey here.

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