The Coolest Helmet Designs From Skeleton Racers Around the World

//The Coolest Helmet Designs From Skeleton Racers Around the World

The Coolest Helmet Designs From Skeleton Racers Around the World


Skeleton racing doesn’t have anything to do with skeletons, but it’s an apt name for a scary winter sport.

Imagine having to use your entire body to steer a carbon fiber sled, headfirst, down an ice track at 90mph.

Sounds terrifying, right? But that’s exactly why skeleton racers use special gear and helmets so they can tango with danger and come out unscathed. A skeleton racer’s helmet is the shield that protects them on the battlefield.

And as they race down the track at full speed, they know that the only thing spectators will be able to see is the glory of their helmets. For these athletes, their helmets are everything.

Some have the symbol of their country on theirs while others have designs with more complex meanings. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the athletes with the best helmet designs:


Akwasi Frimpong

At first glance, Akwasi’s helmet looks like it’s a picture of the king of the jungle. But when you look closely, you’ll find that it’s actually a rabbit escaping from the jaws of the majestic beast.

The design speaks to the struggles of an aspiring athlete, competing among strong competitors, and coming out better than ever before.

What’s even cooler about this design is that it’s a reflection of Akwasi’s struggles as an athlete, and how he came to be Ghana’s pride and joy as the first Ghanaian skeleton racer to make it to the Winter Olympics!


Yun Sung Bin

Yun Sung Bin’s helmet design is quite intriguing; it’s inspired by Iron Man’s helmet. He was able to win gold for South Korea while wearing it, ironically becoming their Iron Man in the sports world.


Barrett Martineau

Oh, Canada. It’s no surprise that Barrett Martineau’s helmet sports the image of a grizzly bear. It’s a tribute to Canada and a reflection of Martineau’s love for his nation. It’s definitely a cool design!


Mirela Rahneva

Canada’s Mirela Rahneva’s helmet was inspired by her late mother. It’s a beautiful piece of artwork that leaves the audience dazed and amazed when Rahneva is on the track.

2 - The Coolest Helmet Designs From Skeleton Racers Around the World

Tomass Dukurs

Latvia’s Tomass Dukurs’ helmet design is all black, giving it a sleek but intimidating touch!


Katie Uhlaender

Katie Uhlaender helmet design is all about American pride! With the bald eagle as the inspiration for the design, you know where Uhlaender’s determination comes from!


Watch Out For Akwasi!

Akwasi has earned a reputation for his speed and strength; he’s excelled as a sprinter and a bobsled racer. However, he continues to push himself as an athlete and is determined to bring Gold for Ghana one way or another!

If all things go as planned Akwasi Frimpong will be bringing home the Gold medal in Beijing Olympics 2022 as the first Ghanaian slider in skeleton.

Check out his awesome journey.


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