Fail Your Way To Success

//Fail Your Way To Success

Fail Your Way To Success

Everyone processes failure differently but the people that learn from their mistakes are the ones that find success despite everything that goes wrong.

From Walt Disney to Oprah Winfrey, some of the world’s biggest achievers found success after a line of failures.

So what kept these people going even after everyone being rejected by all those around them?

Let’s take a look:

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We’ve all known at least one person in life who we think can achieve anything they want. They may already have several accomplishments under their belt but they have this hunger to do more. They’re drawn to challenges, they want to learn new things and conquer new territory.

Such people are go-getters by nature. They don’t take no for an answer, once they set their minds on something, there’s no stopping them! They’re determined to keep going no matter the odds!


Can you imagine what would have happened to Oprah’s career if she actually chose to give up on her dreams to be a news anchor after a producer said that she didn’t ‘look the part’? She wouldn’t have become a household name, she wouldn’t have gone on to host one of the longest running shows in the world and she definitely wouldn’t be running a billion dollar business.

People who aren’t shaken by failures have confidence in themselves. They aren’t flustered by the negativity of those around them. They have faith in their own abilities; therefore, they don’t care for others have to say. They know they have what it takes to be a success.

Learning From Mistakes

Failures are life-lessons in disguise. Those with the right attitudes learn from failures while others get consumed by them and give up.

Successful business personalities like Bill Gates and Mark Cuban all have a long list of failures which they learned from. Through failures you can evaluate what went wrong and what you have to do to be better the next time. Every time you fix the errors of your ways, you get one step closer to finding success.

I have had my share of failures and every time I failed, I was that much more determined to succeed the next time round. After all my failures, I worked that much harder to become stronger, faster and smarter for my next race.

Now I am ready to win again. This time I want to win a gold medal for Ghana in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in skeleton.

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